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SearchStax® includes search analytics reports that track the queries and search results of your deployment.

To view the displays on this page, you must:

  1. Create an analytics app.
  2. Insert analytics scripts in your search-results page.
  3. Let people use your search application so you can collect statistics.
  4. Navigate from the Analytics node on the left-side navigation column to the list of Analytics Apps.
  5. Click the name of an App to see its Dashboard.
  6. Select the Usage menu in the menu bar.
  7. Select Top Searches, Top No-Result Searches, or Top Clicks from the menu.

Contents of this page:

Top Searches

The Top Searches table reveals what users searched for. It includes all searches, not just the most-popular ones, and can be sorted on any column of data.


Top Searches provides a detailed table view of searches.

Column Name Description
Query The primary search query. The display does not include the settings of facets and filters.
Count Number of times that users submitted this query.
% of total Relative popularity of this query.
Hits Number of results displayed to users in response to this query.
Clicks Number of results that were clicked by users desiring more information.
CTR Click-through rate (Clicks divided by Count)
Latency (avg) Average search latency

You can filter the list either by searching for a keyword, or by setting a numeric limit on CTR or Clicks. For instance, the following example limits the table to queries where the number of click-through events was above 1000 for the requested reporting period:


You can share this display with a third party by using the Share Link button.

SearchStax Share Link Button

This button opens a dialog box containing a sharable URL. Click the copy button to copy the link to the clipboard.

SearchStax Analytics Shared Link

You can email this link to any user, whether they have a Searchstax account or not.

Top No-Results Searches

Search Product Owners are especially interested in user queries that produced zero results. SearchStax summarizes these queries in the following table. Look for Top No-Results Searches under the Usage menu on the Analytics menu bar.

SearchStax Analytics MenuSearchStax Analytics No-Results

Column Name Description
Query The primary search query. The display does not include the settings of facets and filters, one of which might be the reason the search was unsuccessful.
Count Number of times that this query resulted in zero results during the reporting period.
% of total Percentage of all unsuccessful searches during the reporting period.

Top Clicks

The Top Clicks display shows the most popular click-through items for the designated time interval. Look for Top Clicks under the Usage menu on the left side of the Managed Solr dashboard.

SearchStax Analytics MenuSearchStax Analytics Top Clicks

Column Name Description
Clicked Item The result item that garnered the click-through events.
Sum Number of times that this item was clicked as a sum over all the queries.
% of total Percentage of all click-through events in the reporting period.


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